I believe creativity is human nature.
I believe we need to become conscious of our creativity.
I believe we need to connect to our creativity to cope with all the change that ar
  happening on this planet.
I believe (or do I hope…? )  that elevating individuals will help the world.
I believe working with embodiment is vital. It helps to feel our connection with each other
  the world and nature.

Beuys hat mal gesagt:
“Die Kunst ist nach meiner Meinung die einzig evolutionäre Kraft. Das heißt, nur aus der Kreativität des Menschen heraus können sich die Verhältnisse ändern.”

“Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler, ob er nun bei der Müllabfuhr ist, Krankenpfleger, Arzt, Ingenieur oder Landwirt.”
William S. Burroughs once said:
“It is to be remembered that all art is magical in origin - music, sculpture, writing, painting - and by magical, I mean intended to produce very definite results. Paintings were originally formulae to
make what is painted happen. Art is not an end in itself, any more than Einstein's matter-into- energy formulae is an end in itself. Like all formulae, art was originally FUNCTIONAL, intended to make things happen, the way an atom bomb happens from Einstein'sformulae.”